The Author

Iletha Dodds

Iletha Dodds is a Christian author who has a desire to see kids grow up in the things of God. She received her encouragement from watching her mother, Rosemary, read the bible every night before going to bed. She also attended Sunday school and church in Kansas City on a weekly basis. Iletha realizes her upbringing in the church, and a desire in her heart to serve others, are keys to having true fulfillment in life.
Iletha has received both her associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. While recognizing these accomplishments, more importantly, she knows that her love for God’s word and living a life that represents Him and His Kingdom brings benefits that will reap everlasting rewards.
Iletha has served as secretary and facilitator in two separate ministries within her church home in College Park, Georgia for more than twenty years.

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